A – Yes! We fund all throughout both Canada and the United States.

A – We understand that sometimes business owners have had to sacrifice personal credit in order to keep the business going at times. We are here for those businesses too!! Here is what we ask; Bankruptcies must be discharged for at least 2 years, and have established credit post-bankruptcy. Minimum FICO score of 500 is required.

A – We loan up to 10-15% of your company’s gross annual sales.

A – We have one Startup program that is credit based. This program requires a FICO score of 700 or higher. This program only funds in the United States.

A – Over 90% of established businesses with gross annual revenue over $100K a year will qualify.

A – Rates and fees vary from client to client. The simplest way to see what you qualify for and what the cost would be is to fill out the Online Application Form.

A – With over 20 lending programs, we are most likely to get you additional capital through a variety of different options.

A – Unlike traditional bank loans our application process is very simple, quick and easy. Simply fill out the Online Application Form and we will either pre-approve or decline your loan request within 2 hours!!

A – Funding typically happens within 2-5 business days!!!

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